Hey Everyone! I was recently interviewed by the Salem News! Here is some of that interview. If you want to read the whole thing visit:


PEABODY — Ashley Royer found her voice as an author by writing about a boy who refuses to talk.

“He decided to stop speaking because his girlfriend passes away in a car accident while she was texting him,” Ashley said. “He decides not to speak because if she couldn’t, he didn’t want to.”

Levi, as that character is known, appears in the novel “Remember to Forget,” which will be released as a hardcover on April 5.

Ashley, who is 17 and a junior at Peabody High School, has worked part time as a waitress at Brooksby Village since 2014.

She said she has loved writing since fourth grade, and originally wrote “Remember to Forget” on a website called Wattpad, where writers can post stories anonymously and get feedback from readers.

“I started ‘Remember to Forget’ in April of 2014, and then I finished it around February of 2015,” she said.

The website lets writers choose different genres of novel to work in, and Ashley elected to write fan fiction, which requires that she use the names of musicians from a popular band.

“‘Remember to Forget’ was a fan fiction for the band Five Seconds of Summer,” she said. “I used their names, but it had absolutely nothing to do with them. Now their names have been changed for the published version.”

She also added five or six chapters to the print version of the book, and the manuscript has been edited.