As some of you know, I met Ashton Irwin at Mohegan Sun. I was walking through the lobby at the same time as him, twice! I’ve liked 5SOS for three years, so it was awesome to finally officially meet Ashton and get a picture with him. I even told him about my book.

Then the day after, Ashton tweeted me! I never would’ve expected that. He tweeted me right before the concert started. That made me extremely excited for the concert.

I’ve gone to both Connecticut shows and the Mansfield, MA show. I’ll be going to the Madison Square Garden show and possibly the one in Camden, NJ.

I’ve met so many of you at the concerts! It’s so fun to talk with you and take photos! It’s weird because people will yell my name when I walk past lines. I’m not used to that kind of stuff happening to me.

I’ll be posting a video about meeting Ashton soon! Fingers crossed I can meet the rest of 5SOS.